Welcome to DickGirl City
The place where all cute babes come with a little extra and are allways willing.

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Dickgirl Bondage

Public Dickgirl Bondage 1

Sailor suit dickgirl sluts in public bondage
Evil Nurses

Helpless dickgirls in the hands of evil nurses
Dickgirl Safari

Hunting for ebony Dickgirls
Sissy Boys

Feminine, submissive sissy boys and their mistresses.
SissyBoy & Strapon Mistress

Sissyboy gave his best to prepare lunch for his mistress. Little did he know
that she had a surprise for him: A new strapon.
Public Sissy Boy Humiliation

Two mistresses decide that some humiliating, public sex would be a good
experience for their Sissy Slaves and entertaining for the passersby.
Sissy Maid Bistro

Excellent service provided by cute Sissy Maids
Sissy Mansion

The evening play time at Sissy Mansion, eagerly anticipated and feared by
the Sissy slaves
Sissy Sailor Slut

The dock area, a perfect place to pick up a john for a little sissy slut
Sissy Model Casting

Two new Sissy Models get their big change.
Private Lessons

Ambitious Sissy Boys taking lessons from a private tutor
Sissy Mansion 2

Sissy maid gets some extra practise
Sissy Secretary

Sissy learns that serving customers is part of her duty as secretary
Sissy Nurse

Still timid, but she loves her job
Sissy Nurse

Sissy patient gets a big dildo and a milking
Sissies in Space

Maintaining the discipline on a ship full of horny sissy boys is hard work.
Sissies in Space 2

Dick shrinking therapy for a insolent Sissy.
Little sissy slut is looking for an adventure and
gets more than she was looking for.
Little sissy slut gets a new daddy
Little sissy slut gets prostituted
Space DickGirls

DickGirls going where no man has gone before
On Space Patrol

Routine patrol flights can be nerve-racking so it's always good to have a
sex stewardess on board to keep the crew relaxed.
Sex Droids 1

The arrival of new Sexdroids excite the whole hangar crew of the
Dickgirl Space Station
Sex Droids 2

A visit at the SexDroids labs
Space Station 1

Daily routine at the Deep Space Station Futanari One
Medical Treatment

Being struck with a small penis is very burdening for a cute dickgirl. Fortunately
there is a effective treatment for this condition.
Medical Treatment

Every Dickgirl dreams of being well endowed so there is no shortage on
volunteers for the experimental milking facility.
Bunny Hunt

In this paintball game there are only winners.
Bunny Hunt 2

Rotten School

A bad place for education, but the perfect place for slutty Dickgirls.
Rotten School 2

Sodomy at the dirty restroom
Rotten School 3

A new principal takes over, and she is determined
to reestablish discipline.
DickGirl Dungeon School

Strict discipline for disobedient DickGirls. A place for future slave Dickgirls.
Dungeon School - Part1

Her first day at the dungeon school and a welcoming by the school mistress.
Dungeon School - Part2

Alice meets her dorm mates and the school nurse
Dungeon School - Part3

The dungeon school nurse has some fun with the new dickgirl
DickGirl Dungeon Training

Feared and anticipated by the DickGirl students: The dungeon training.
Slave Maid Training

Domestic skills are important for a well educated Dickgirl. Therefore a
intense Maid Training is part of the Dungeon Schools lesson plan.
Slave Maid Training 2

Special service training for the maids
DickGirl Heigh

All DickGirls age 18 years to 21 years are obliged to join DickGirl High
to learn about proper bahavior and sexual duties.
Detention Class
Frisky DickGirls have to stay behind after school for some special lessons.
Of course their teacher takes the chance to give them a good fucking.

Not allowed fucking in the restroom is immediately punished with a lesson
in humiliation and submission by the teachers.immediately
School Nurse

Regular checkups by the school nurse ensure health and sexual performance
of the DickGirls.
Mens Open Day

Once a year DickGirl Heigh celebrates a mens only day
A very bussy time for all coeds.
Gym Class

Regular gym classes keep the Dickgirls fit and in shape.
City Life
Just a normal day at the city of DickGirls. Pupils having fun after school. The
DickGirl police holding up law and order while bound DickGirls are put up
on public display for fun and entertainment. Others work out at the gym or
have to stay hospital with a broken leg.
DickGirl afternoon Part1

Two DickGirls meet a friend to have some sperm draining afternoon fun.
DickGirl afternoon Part2

Their games are getting wild and the DickGirl police joins in to put them
back in order and to increase the cum count. Poor roadsweeper, she has
to clean up the mess.
Wedding Day Present

A cute, young DickGirl is the perfect wedding day present fot a man who
already got almost everything.
DickGirl Gym

Even cute Dickgirls need to workout and cum hard to stay in perfect shape.
Special training equipment and a strict trainer support their efforts.
The Clinic

Life is boring for a dickgirl restrained to her hospital bed. Fortunately
a visit by two friends takes care of her horniness and frustration.
DickGirl City Streets

Puplic fucking and fun with DickGirls in bondage on the city streets.
Public Display

A mistress and her cute DickGirl having fun with a touch and usable public exhibit
Maid Bistro

DickGirl maids providing excellent service for guests of any gender
Dickgirl Tavern

The waitresses of the Dickgirl Tavern really love their job - and their customers
Dickgirl Police

On night patrol with the DickGirl police
Office Slut

Just a normal day at a typical Dickgirl City office
Office Slut

A sales rep for sex toys gets a lot of attention by the head-clerk
and her dickgirl sexcretaries
Prison 1

Strict discipline and lots of fun in the Dickgirl City Prison
Prison 2

More fun for the wardens and the inmates of the dickgirl prison
Sex Shop

Visit at a special sex shop for DickGirl Pony accessories.
Dickgirl Police 2

The Dickgirl City Police night shift takes a break at their favorite bar.
Public Cum Buckets

Cum Bucket is not the most popular job in Dickgirl City,
but it's a job and somebody has to do it.
Public Cum Buckets 2

Cum rooms provide more comfort and privacy than the public cum boxes.

Public early morning sex
The Factory

Being the manager of a factory full of horny dickgirls has itīs merits.
DickGirl Farm

DickGirls not only make good Ponygirls, they also can be excellent milkers.
DickGirl Milkers

Early morning milking at the DickGirl farm Although the cows are still
sleepy they are looking forward to get their big tits and dicks drained.
Farm Life

Just a normal day at the Farm The strongest DickGirl is hitched up for some
plowing, goods are delivered to the market and the landlord is going for a
joyride with is ponies.
DickGirl Sale

Pony DickGirls and Milkers, fresh from the farm.
DickGirl Sale

Pony DickGirls and Milkers, fresh from the farm.

Fresh DickGirls straight from the farm
DickGirl Cult

Nuns and priestesses worshiping the third gender.
Sperm Fountain

Every day the abbess of the holy fountain selects one novice who
is allowed to drink from the the sacred sperm.
The Cult

Bizarre rituals of a secret DickGirl Cult
Nuns of the Monastery

Strict discipline and lots of sex in the Dickgirl Convent

Down at the dungeon of the leather nun.
Pregnant DickGirls

DickGirls proofing with their pregnancy that they are real women also
Gyno Exam

A pregnant DickGirl visits her gynecologist for a checkup but what she
gets is not really a medical exam.
Gyno Exam 2

The depraved nurses having more fun with the poor pregnant DickGirl
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Detention Class

DIckGirl Dungeon School

The Dungeon

After School Fun

The School Nurse

Public Sissy Boy

Mens Day at DickGirl High

Milk Maid